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October 28, 2010

Many years people used vinegar for cleaning ceramic tile. Vinegar has many uses for cooking and preserving foods due to its acidic nature. The main acid in vinegar is acetic acid. Household vinegar typically contains about 5% acetic acid but can contain as much as 18% for some vinegar used in pickling. Additionally vinegar may

October 2, 2010

There nothing like a great swimming pool to help one cool off, relax, and enjoy life, however pool tile cleaning is a chore that will have to be done periodically. Regardless of how well maintained the pool is or what additives or chemicals are added to the water, if it has porcelain or glass tiles

September 21, 2010

When people hear about using acidic cleaning supplies they are often frightened about the harmful effects these acidic cleaners can do to their health and their home. What people don’t know that they contact with acidic products many times in their daily life. Bleach and vinegar are acid based products and many people use these

September 7, 2010

Ceramic floor tiles look great when they are sparkling clean so it pays to know just how to get them looking like new in just a short time. Ingrained dirt will need some shifting, but when they are all clean again you will be so happy you made the effort to learn how to do

August 30, 2010

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: SL-7 Super Clean-Up is a blend of surfactants, acidic ingredients, and inhibitors designed specifically for the removal of cementitious grout products for ceramic surfaces.