SL-7 Super Clean-Up Grount And Tile Cleaner

Posted on August 30, 2010


SL-7 Super Clean-Up is a blend of surfactants, acidic ingredients, and inhibitors designed specifically for the removal of cementitious grout products for ceramic surfaces.


SL-7 is used to clean cementitious grout from quarry tile, paver, brick, slate and other masonry surfaces. It may also be used to clean masonry surfaces in preparation of laying mortar bed for a tile installation.

This product is normally safe with standard and colored grouts when used as directed. ALWAYS TEST A SMALLAREA BEFORE GENERAL APPLICATION.


SL-7 is an irritant to eyes and mucous membranes and may be fatal if swallowed.

Rubber gloves and eye protection should be worn.


Mixing Ratios:

For construction dirt and stains: 1 part cleaner/7 parts water.

For removal of grout smears: 1 part cleaner/4 parts water.


Because this cleaner contains acid which is necessary for the effective removal of cementitious grout, rubber gloves and eye protection is recommended. If cleaner comes in contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water. If splashed into eyes, wash eyes immediately with water for at least 15 minutes, call a physician. Use in well ventilated area! Buyer assumes all risks in use and handling.


Thoroughly pre-wet area to be cleaned. Apply the premixed Super Clean-Up solution with floor scrub brushes or mop. Let stand for 2-3 minutes, remove with mop or floor squeegee.
Rinse thoroughly with fresh clean water. Repeat as necessary using a floor scrubbing brush or power equipment on severely stained areas.

IMPORTANT! Be sure area is rinsed thoroughly and the acid is neutralized.


SL-7 Super Clean-Up is available in 1 qt. and 1 gal. plastic bottles.

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