Pool tile cleaning

Posted on October 2, 2010

There nothing like a great swimming pool to help one cool off, relax, and enjoy life, however pool tile cleaning is a chore that will have to be done periodically. Regardless of how well maintained the pool is or what additives or chemicals are added to the water, if it has porcelain or glass tiles near the waterline then over time the calcium and algae that build up on the tile will have to be cleaned. It’s also important to remember that pool tile cleaning below the water line is as crucial as it is to clean the tiles above the water line.

Pool tile cleaning.Stores that sell pools many times recommend removing the calcium on the pool tiles with either a pumice stone, solidified lava which can scratch the pool and cut the cleaner’s hands, or with soft pumice which is safer but has a tendency to crumble. Because the soft pumice crumbles easily a lot is needed for the pool tile cleaning and that can become very expensive. Muriatic acid has been occasionally used to clean pool tiles however using an acid is dangerous and certainly not encouraged.

Pool supplies recommended for tiled pools can be purchased at places where pool supplies are sold. If cleaning supplies are purchased then it is important to take time to read the ingredients, directions and recommended uses for any pool tile cleaning substance. Corrosive cleaning solutions often sold at supply stores can damage porcelain or glass tiles thus causing new problems, so if this type of cleaner is used then keeping the water clear during the cleaning process is essential. Harsh cleaners can also be hazardous for those swimming in the pool and even homemade basic cleaning mixtures like vinegar will affect the pH level of the water.

Sprays for pool tile cleaning are also available at pool supply stores. They generally melt directly into the pool and will generally leave the pool with a reasonably pleasant smell. Regardless of how the cleaning is accomplished pool tile cleaning is good pool maintenance and will help keep the swimming pool in excellent condition.

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