Ceramic tile floors cleaning tips

Posted on September 7, 2010

Ceramic floor tiles look great when they are sparkling clean so it pays to know just how to get them looking like new in just a short time. Ingrained dirt will need some shifting, but when they are all clean again you will be so happy you made the effort to learn how to do it professionally.

Dirty floor tiles also harbor bugs and bacteria so if there is a little one crawling around the floor just imagine what is being picked up on those tiny hands and put straight into the mouth.

Best set for floor mopping.

The best set for floor mopping is the self-wringing bucket and mop. These buckets save a lot of time and when used the floor is not getting drenched with dirty water, but being washed with a damp wrung out mop. This combination of bucket and the mop really do a great job.

Brilliant shine of your tiles.

I still find the ‘green cleaner’ of water and white distilled vinegar does a good job. Use water/vinegar in a 50/50 ratio and you will find that your tiles are left with a brilliant shine and no streaks.

Attention to your cleaning tools.

Now if you do find that there are streaks it is time to look at your cleaning equipment. But first, do make sure that if you have a reasonable large area of tiles that you are using a clean solution regularly, otherwise dirt is just being spread back onto the floor. If that is not the problem then does the mop head need replacing? If not, does it need a good wash with some water and vinegar to get rid of old residue from commercial cleaners. This is often the case when cleaning. Often people don’t give enough attention to the actual cleaning tools and rags but they too need cleaning after housecleaning task so that the best results are obtained.

Use disinfectant.

A popular mix people like to use is to add Eucalyptus Oil to the water mix as well, and although this is a cleaner and disinfectant too, it is often added just to perfume the water. It is just the right thing to use if you have babies crawling around the floor.

Ingrained dirt.

If you have old ingrained dirt in textured tiles then you will most likely have to use a nail brush to remove the dirt, but after that with regular cleans the tiles should stay in good condition.

If you have problem areas of grout then leave full strength white distilled vinegar on it for a few minutes then scrub with a toothbrush. If you cannot remove the stain try using some baking soda mixed with a little detergent (enough to form a paste) and rub it into the grout. Leave for a few minutes, scrub with a tooth brush and clean off.

By materials of Kaye Dennan

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