Vinyl tile

Posted on November 12, 2009

This is a compressed vinyl tile which is also called LVT (luxury vinyl tile) or simply “PVC-tile”. Its structure is the following: it has an undercoat consisting of two PVC layers with filling materials, a film with a pattern and an upper wear-resistant layer from pure PVC (with thickness from 0,3 up to 1 mm). This protective layer makes it more tight and durable. According to the level of wearing quality the material applies to the highest group – T. An additional protective layer from polyurethane greatly simplifies and reduces the costs on handling and cleaning-up. Tile is produced with different thickness: 2, 2,5, 3 mm – depending on the operation class. This floor coating is produced in three groups: for middle (23-31 classes), high (32-42 classes) and very high intensity of usage (43 classes). Tile consists of vinyl and resin, which are added by plasticizers, stabilizers and sometimes inert fillers. All ingredients are compressed under high pressure and high temperature; therewith tile saves elasticity and plasticity of PVC-coatings. Vinyl PVC-tile is an inexpensive and rather comfortable coating. It is rather moisture-resistant, wear-resistant, elastic, and plastic and is not sensitive to frequent washing. In living accommodations it’s possible to use it in the kitchen or in a corridor. But more often such a tile is used for floor finishing in prestigious social rooms.

Vinyl PVC tile

Modern vinyl coatings for floor have unique features which let them compete with visually similar materials. They are much more endurable and easily installed in comparison with linoleum. To perfection they imitate the rarest and expensive types of marble, granite and other natural stone, but therewith are easy to cut, what allows creating any pattern on the floor and the floor itself stays warm. They create comfort, repeating the pattern and texture of a carpet, having much more resistance to wear. They enable to get a perfect imitation of good parquet.

Lets take a look at vinyl coatings of three different trends:

1. Vinyl PVC tile and a plank for living accommodations with home thickness with a transparent vinyl wear-resistant layer on the upper tile surface, this layer protects lower padded films from wear by foot traffic and saves its original wonderful colors. It resists usual dirty, chemical products in living accommodations. This PVC tile is very comfortable in handling.

2. Vinyl tiles and a plank of first-class for commercial and public usage, they are also covered with more thick (usually from 0,3 mm up to 0,7 mm) transparent vinyl wear-resistant layer or their upper layers are treated for maximal wear-resistance in a special way, by means of ultraviolet treatment, putting a polyurethane layer and a layer of aluminum oxide.

3. Vinyl conducting tiles (TECHNIC EL5) for the usage in hospitals and industrial zones with the highest floor requirements. TECHNIC EL5 represents a compressed coating by calendaring with irregularly pressurized colorful granulated material over the whole wearing layer. It is static conducting flexible homogeneous PVC tile made with addition of colorful granulated material, covered with conducting graphite, calendaring, with constant conducting features. There are the following tile dimensions: 12″ x 12″, 18″ x 18″, 24″ x 24″ and also planks with dimensions: 4″ x 36″, 6″ x 36″ 9″ x 36″. Thickness can vary from 1,0 mm up to 3,0 mm.

Vinyl tiles for living accommodations

100% vinyl PVC tile consists of two layers: an underlayer of a tile base and a printed layer with different patterns.

Finishing: no paraffin vinyl or polyurethane coating

Different surface patterns are available.

Tile back side: can be both self-adhesive and dry.

Dimensions: 12″ x 12″, 18″ x 18″, 24″ x 24″, 9″ x 9″, 4″ x 36″, 9″ x 36″.

Thickness: from 1,0 mm up to 3,0 mm.

Vinyl tiles and first-class planks for commercial and public places

These tile series are the main product, their upper layer is laminated with colorful printed films, protected with transparent wear-resistant layer with pattern formation in the form of shadows and figures, back vinyl layers of the structure provide dimensional tile stability and increased adhesion strength. Though not only pattern, but also surface texture of natural materials is imitated.

You can use not only in living accommodations, but also in bars, disco-clubs, offices, shopping centers and other commercial and public places.


Multilayer, designed as a coating for floor in the form of separate tiles, each consisting of:

  • a coating, treated with ultraviolet emission
  • a transparent upper layer
  • a printed layer
  • a central layer
  • a base underlayer
  • A coating treated by UV-emission increases the resistance to shift and sliding, simplifies a daily care for tile and improves its wear-resistance.

    A relief reproducible, richly ornamental pattern of a printed layer and an absolutely transparent upper layer is produced according to the technology providing maximal tile wear-resistance, effectively protecting it both from abrasion at walking and most part of chemicals used in everyday life.

    A central layer provides dimension stability, wonderful absorbing and also springy tile characteristics, what is felt by walking as a special comfort.

    A tile base underlayer provides durability and steadiness of tile floor coating and adhesion strength of a binding material with floor surface.

    Overall dimensions:

    Tile: 12 х 12 inches (310 mm х 310 mm), 18 х 18 inches (458 mm х 458 mm), 24 х 24 inches (610 mm х 610 mm)

    Plank: 3 inches х 36 inches (76 mm х 915 mm), 4 inches х 36 inches (102 mm х 915 mm), 6 inches х 36 inches (153 mm х 915 mm), 9 inches х 36 inches (229 mm х 915 mm)

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