Four Steps to a Successful Installation of a Shower Pan for Tile

Posted on February 21, 2011

Shower pans for tile is a vital part in the installation of ceramic tiles. Shower pans for tile functions as a medium to channel water into the drain and thus preventing leakage of the shower. Because of this, it is very important that shower pans for tile is water resistance and durable. Care must also be taking for a proper installation.

Naturally shower floor leaks but the shower plans for tile makes it water proof. If the traditional method of installation is used, the shower pan is constructed inside the shower floor. This way, you cannot really see the shower plan.

Mortar spreading and membrane lining.

Installation of shower pans for tile begins with spreading a layer of mortar. For easy routing of water into the drain, the mortar has to be properly sloped. After this, flexible shower pan membrane of a plastic make is lined on top of the mortar bed. Remember to cut the liner to size and hand mold it to fit into the base of the shower.

After securing the membrane of the shower pan for tile, at the bottom of the shower, the second layer of the mortar can then be installed maintaining the already created mortar slope.

Backerboard installation

When the mortar bed is properly set up, then the backerboard can be installed to the walls after which the ceramic tiles can be installed.

Installation of tiles

The installation of the tiles should start from the center and then to the outside of the shower pan area.
Next on the process is the installation of the ceramic tiles on the wall using a plumb line to straighten the lines through the wall length. From outside, tiles are installed from the line to the edge of the walls.

Tile cutting and grout/sealer application

To obtain an accurate cut and to minimize waste of the ceramic tile, use a wet saw for the tile cutting.
Allow the tile to set up for about 48 hours, and then apply grout to the tile and finally apply sealer on the grout to minimize absorption through lines.

Faulty installation of shower pans for tile can bring about disaster. Follow these simple steps and you will have a hitch free shower pans for tile installation.

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