Vinyl tile advantages compared to the laminated flooring

Posted on October 5, 2009

In comparison with a popular floor coating – laminate, vinyl tile has a full list of advantages:

1. Laminate includes acrylic, melamine and formaldehyde resins what does not favor to health in contrast to vinyl tile, which was made with a usage of the most modern technologies.

2. Laminate is a slippery material. With vinyl tile you should not worry about safety of your relatives and colleagues – nobody will slip.

3. Laminate is a solid material that is why this type of floor coating does not represent so many opportunities to designers as vinyl does. Using vinyl tile you can make your fantasies come true.

4. Laminate is a resounding material, while the movement on vinyl linoleum is much more noiseless – you will not wake up a sleeping child or, for instance, will not bother the listening to classical music by heels clip-clop.

5. Before laminate installation it’s necessary to put an “undercoat” from cork or cardboard. Vinyl tile does not need “supporting” materials.

6. Most part of laminated coatings is not soaked with a waterproof layer. For safe wet cleaning-up of laminate it’s most recommended to treat joints between planks with a special solution, though by machine method, otherwise moisture can get inside and cause the swelling of the material. But with vinyl tile you are surely protected from such problems! Because vinyl tile is water-resistant!

7. The most widespread coating thickness is 8 mm, that is why there will be probably a necessity to raise doors and etc, that means additional inconvenience while changing the coating. Total vinyl tile coating thickness is only 2 mm! No comments!

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