Making preparations for installing vinyl tile

Posted on December 27, 2009

1.Before setting, take the additional thickness of the complete floor in consideration. Using little part of underlayment as a guide of interval, cut through base edges of any door cornices which stick out in a room, to allow a place for new underlayment to slide down.

2.Nail down any free flooring with 6d or 8d nails of circular bar.

3.You should set nails below than floor, appear and fill any openings or cracks with filler.

4.Setting new underlayment, will stagger the guy-sutures of groups of bend, and leave 1/32″ an interval between groups, to take into account expansion. Leave 1/8″ an interval along sthenes. Always use fastenings and standard of fixing, recommended a vinyl floor and manufacturer of plywood.

5.In the case of necessity, use ready-mix of floor of the prepared connection, to smooth out any unequal areas, where the groups of bend meet. Allow it to dry smooth sand.

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