Installing the vinyl tile

Posted on December 28, 2009

1.Begin to lay a tile from the center of floor, where Your two adjusted certificate lines intersect. Began, laying a tile in crossing of lines, after use lines as guide, as you work the way, outwardly-directed to the walls in every sector.

2.If Your tiles are not selfglued, overtook a vinyl plaster distribution to the toothed edge of scoop, combing it in the mountain backbones decorated beads in obedience to pointing of manufacturer. Places between the mountain backbones of plaster must be almost naked.

3.If a plaster slowly oozes between tiles, wipe him immediately with the sponge or rag absorbed a solvent. Consult by instructions of manufacturer to define the proper solvent.

4.Since you set a few rows of tile, link them firmly with a floor, putting pressure and inverting them with the roller of floor or rolling pin.

Hint: When you must knee on the recently fixed tile, to continue with setting, will place part of plywood between you directly and by a tile. It will distribute Your weight and will decrease possibility of the separate sliding of tiles.

5.After imposition of all whole tiles which will correspond, begin to grow short and adhere to the tile, filled round the perimeter of room.

6.For tiles which simply must be brief to length, will place a tile directly from above the last complete tile near a wall. you will place other tile against a wall, laid on a free tile. Brand and reduction is the first free tile, using the imposed tile as a guide. The tile of reduction will then correspond against a wall.

7.For the tiles of irregular form, do cardboard templates at first, to prevent spending.

8.You will delight in that gentle new sex. Then allow it to sit serene for the recommended interval of time before to go thereon.

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