Welcome to the mosaic floor world

Posted on November 30, 2009

Do you know how the mosaic tile floor can look like? Mosaic tile floors includes any tile that is less than two inches square, although they also can be round or hexagonal. Mosaic tiles for floors can be either glazed or unglazed, and they’re usually mounted on 12×12-inch sheets with a mesh backing.

Usually mosaic tiles are made of porcelain, although some of them are regular ceramic. Look that if you have a ceramic tile shower in your house, there are chances that the floor is covered with mosaic tiles. In some houses the entire bathroom may be done in porcelain mosaic tiles, but in most cases it looks too commercial. It is the fact that you’ll see porcelain mosaic tiles in a lot of commercial restrooms covering the floors and the walls.

We can say that porcelain mosaic tiles are very colorful, extremely durable and frost-proof. In fact it is a good choice for most applications, including kitchen countertops. If we have unglazed tiles, the color goes all the way through the piece, so it will never wear out. Also we can say that trim pieces are available for many mosaic tile lines.

If you want to install mosaic tile, before it you need to make sure the subflooring is smooth; after that you should also calculate whether it is strong enough or will need reinforcing. You should know that mosaic tiles sheets, which you may cut with a utility knife, are set in thinset mortar. If you want to lay individual tiles, you should use a snap cutter just to make large cuts and a nibbling tool just to have the ability to make smaller ones. After that you should grout and seal the tiles, and then re-grout and re-seal them regularly.

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