Different groups of mosaic tiles

Posted on December 12, 2009

You could notice that all tiles feels hard, but it is known that some types of tile are actually harder than others. Tile can be rated by a series of standardized tests. These tests evaluate a tile’s relative hardness which is named like the Moh scale, and also its ability to stand up to wear and the percentage of water absorbed. All of these characteristics are very important.

Here you can learn the Porcelain Enamel Institute hardness ratings, which separate different groups of

First Group – Light Traffic: is used for residential bathroom floors where bare or stocking feet are the norm.

Second Group – Medium Traffic: is popular in home interiors where little abrasion occurs. But you should not use it in kitchens or entries.

Third Group – Medium-Heavy Traffic: is used in any home interior.

Fourth Group – Heavy Traffic: is used in homes or light to medium commercial areas.

Fifth Group – Extra Heavy Traffic: you can use it anywhere.

All these ratings are important, but you shouldn’t get too bogged down in the analysis — because they serve just to help you find the right tile for your application.

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