Stainless steel tiles are making a comeback

Posted on September 26, 2010

Currently, the design world is experiencing a significant resurgence in contemporary design. And, among the top choices for tile finishes which fit closely within this modern category are stainless steel tile. Below, we’ll discuss the uses of stainless steel tile and appropriate design choices for the material.

Uses for stainless steel tile.

Stainless steel tiles.Backsplashes are most often the willing victims of stainless steel. This is a popular choice because the reflective surface of stainless steel opens up the room by allowing light to bounce off of its shiny face. In a small kitchen or bathroom, the use of stainless tile can make a room feel larger and brighter without making any structural adjustments to the property. To many savvy homeowners, this in itself is worth the cost of installing a stainless steel backsplash.

While uncommon, stainless steel is slowly being incorporated into kitchen, bathroom and utility flooring. Stainless steel tile can be installed on a kitchen floor. This is especially beneficial in hot climates as you’re able to minimize heating expenses as the stainless steel will keep the floor feeling cool, especially on bare feet. A stainless steel tile in mosaic form can also be used as a garage floor as well as a kitchen and bathroom countertop. In fact, many restaurants choose to install stainless steel tile as their countertop of choice as it provides for quick cleanup and durability.

Design choices.

The most common design choice for stainless tile backsplashes is a subway tile motif. It provides simple elegance which appeals to the masses while still providing a customized modern appeal for homeowners. Also, beveled tiles lend a three dimensional architectural charm to an otherwise flat surface; a similar effect can be achieved with “3D” stainless steel tiles. A checkerboard finish can be achieved by using standard stainless steel tiles installed by alternating grain directions.

Stainless steel tiles are not porous. Therefore, they will not have to be treated with a sealant for the duration of its life. However, stainless steel tile should be handled with care as it is not scratch-resistant and the surface can easily be marked by knifes, abrasive cleaning tools and blunt objects.

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