Kitchen Wall Tiles

Posted on July 7, 2009

If a kitchen update or remodel is on the agenda, then one quick and easy way to update it, is to tile a backsplash and kitchen wall. Add a fresh new look to the kitchen while increasing the value of the home. Whether remodeling or updating, you can’t go wrong when kitchen wall tiles are installed.

Kitchen wall tiles come in a wide variety of finishes, colors, sizes, materials, and range from low to high on cost. But, no matter what kind of budget is allotted, there are several tile options to choose from. Tiling the kitchen yourself is a budget friendly option, and is a doable project for most anyone.

When planning to tile a backsplash there are many patterns and colors available on the market today. So knowing what type of pattern and colors of kitchen wall tiles are wanted is a big step out of the way. If the house is a starter home and will be sold one day, then neutral colors are needed for resale purposes. Designing the pattern for the kitchen wall tiles can be one way for the homeowner to add style and creativity to the kitchen update or remodel. Since kitchen wall tiles come in sizes that range from one inch to twenty-four inches (or more), it is easy to add a great pattern to the kitchen backsplash.

Finishes for kitchen wall tiles include: glossy, matte, or textured. While materials for tiles range from stone, glass, ceramic, metal, to slate. And depending on what type of material is chosen and how big the area to be tiled is, will determine the cost of the kitchen wall tiles. There are even painted tile murals and painted tiles with a wide variety of paintings, and range in price from moderate to high.

Just because the budget is strict does not mean that style or quality materials are out of reach. There are plenty of stylish options that can be achieved on any budget. A lot of times these areas are smaller which means it can be more affordable if you want to go with glass or stone tiles. Metal kitchen wall tiles are becoming very popular in kitchen updates and remodels.

There are a number of places that sell tiles of all sorts locally and sometimes they will often have tiles that are discounted or discontinued because of a color or finish that didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to. If researched properly the internet can be a budget friendly option for kitchen wall tiles. There are plenty of reputable tile companies on the internet.

Kitchen wall tiles are a great way to add an updated look and add value to the bottom line of the home.

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