Backsplashes for kitchens

Posted on January 19, 2011

The backsplashes for kitchens is an important part of kitchen design and should not be neglected. It is where your kitchen’s personality is showcased. With little design control when choosing cabinetry, appliances, and countertops the backsplash is the decorative palette of the kitchen, and it can add value to your home when the right materials are used. It can cover up to twenty-five percent of your kitchen’s wall space and is the perfect place for you to showcase your kitchen’s personality whether you are traditional, funky, polished, or practical; this is where you strut your stuff.

Depending on your personal taste, the tile choices are abundant and the patterns are endless and affordable.

Tiles can come in a variety of materials such as metal, ceramic, porcelain, stone, and glass. There are things to consider when choosing a tile.

Stone backsplashes for kitchens

There are many types of natural stone tile with marble and granite being the most popular. Marble is a softer stone than granite and although it is a very rich look, it is important to take into consideration the ability to scratch the surface during prep work. Most people are looking for granite in the kitchen and it adds value to the home. Stone is a great choice for those who love a rich natural look in a kitchen.

Metal backsplashes for kitchens

Metal is perfect for the contemporary homeowner. It is available in many colors and designs. Rule of thumb is to stay within the same shades of metal when designing a kitchen. Metal is an excellent way to get the old world patina and can be combined with other tiles to add a bit of spice to the backsplash.

Glass backsplashes for kitchens

Glass is a beautiful tile choice for a backsplash and can be found in many colors and designs. It can lend itself to a more contemporary look or be combined with other types of tile to create a rich more traditional palette.

Ceramic backsplashes for kitchens

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available at every price point. They come in many styles, shapes, and colors. If you are leaning toward a hand painted look, ceramic and porcelain tiles are the best choice.

Tile backsplashes for kitchens are an important part of kitchen design. When beginning the design process, keep in mind the square footage of the backsplash and the color of the countertops and appliances. Don’t be shy and use the blank canvass to showcase your style and decorative flair.

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