A Modern Backsplash For Any Kitchen

Posted on February 17, 2011

A modern kitchen backsplash is generally used to serve a practical purpose, and is considered an essential design element for any kitchen. A modern backsplash will add visual interest, as well as giving people a sense that a kitchen is fully completed, and it is normally crafted from a vast variety of different materials that will suit almost ant design theme, and taste. A modern backsplash has a function, and it is to protect walls located directly behind a stove from imminent food splashes, splatters of grease, smoke, along with many other different stains that are sure to arise from cooking. Other than just this practical purpose, a modern backsplash will have a major impact on the way a kitchen looks and feels.

Much like an accent wall in another location of the house works, a kitchen backsplash will offer visual interest, and give off huge amounts of detail and sophistication. Most backsplashes share common purposes, but they can also be constructed from almost any material. This is only limited by the imagination level of homeowners. The majority of backsplashes are simply a continuation of immediate countertops in the kitchen. This means the same tile or marble is just extended up the wall.

A Mosaic style modern backsplash can be crafted from small tiles that are different colors, and these tiles can be created from ceramic, porcelain, stone, or glass along with many other materials as well. A backsplash can also be made from singular pieces of glass that is back painted, or also pieces of slate and stainless steel. Most of the time the visual effect caused by a backsplash can be quite dramatic. Color and vibrancy can easily be added to a smaller monochromatic style kitchen. A Modern backsplash that is made from the very same materials used for countertops can also be very effective in large kitchens.

Some homeowners will also make use of other materials that are used in the rest of the house in an effort to complement the kitchen further. An example of this would be for a homeowner to use the same tiles that are located in the bathroom of the home, to be used as the backsplash for the kitchen. This will give off a sense of continuity for the entire house. Kitchen backsplashes will add unique visual interests to all of the immediate space around it. Also, whatever the material that is used in the creation of a backsplash is certainly going to be much easier to clean than a normal painted wall.

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