History of application of glass tile

Posted on December 17, 2009

Glass tiles are pieces of glass which are formed in successive forms. Glass was extinguished in mosaics as early as 2500 BC, but it took, while 3rd Century BC before innovative artisans in Greece, Persia and India, did not create glass tiles.

While clay tiles are dated as early as 8,000 BC, there were substantial barriers to development of glass tiles, included high temperatures, required for kindling of glass, and complications of mastering of different annealing curves for glass.

Last years, glass tiles became very popular field and accent tiles. This tendency can be ascribed to the recent technological brak-throughes, as well as peculiar properties of tiles’, in particular their potential, to pass an intensive color and reflecting easily, and their impenetrability to water.

Glass in a tile presents complications the program of setting, because glass is harder, than ceramic or porcelain tile, such glass tiles break a secret more with readiness under arrest moving of foundation.

Since the 1990’s variety of modern technologies of glass tile, including methods, to take the extinguished glass and renew it as ‘green’ tiles, resulted in the revival of interest to the glass tile as a floor and wall cladding. It now usually extinguished in kitchens and bathrooms. And smalti tiles are still popular while, a bit and the large products of glass of format now are usually formed, using a throw and fused glass methods. Plasticity their last brought two methods over to the wide variety of looks and appendixes, including tiles of floor.

At the end of 1990th, the glass tiles of the special were facings on reverse side with receptive white coverage. It allowed saturating with of heat-transfer colors the printed process, playback the high pictures of resolution and projects. The custom printed glass tile and frescos of glass tile exhibit durability of glass on a carrying surface with photo-like pictures. They are especially practical in kitchens and bathroom, where a cleanser and moisture resistance is important.

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