Glass Backsplashes For Kitchens – Let Your Creativity Flow

Posted on February 13, 2011

If you are interested in adding some sparkle to your kitchen back splash, then glass tiles are perfect to achieve the desired effect. Such tiles have a spectacular look and are widely available in linear, clear, frosted or iridescent finishes. Glass is a durable material and is non porous which makes it a perfect choice for you kitchen.

The process of installing glass backsplashes for kitchens is quite similar to the one used for installing ceramic tiles, however in the former, proper selection of grout color is necessary.

As majority of glass tiles are translucent, so any imperfection in the grouting job will immediately show up through the glass tile. The color of glass tiles is also affected by the grout color and for this reason only white grout color is mostly preferred.

Glass mosaic tiles

These tiles uses as glass backsplashes for kitchens are very expensive costing at $32 sq for 1X1 mosaic tiles. A simple way to use glass in your back splash design without breaking your bank is to use small glass mosaic tiles as boarder sheets. They can be excellently combined with stone or ceramic tiles.

Solid glass tiles

This is another great option where solid glass slabs are used. You can install solid glass pieces (colored or clear) between the kitchen counters and cabinets which will create an amazing fluid like effect in your kitchen back splash.

The process to clean this solid glass is very easy as it is almost seamless.

Sculpted glass backsplashes for kitchens

Glass is an amazing material which can be beautifully sculpted into beautiful shapes after heating. In case you want to create a unique kitchen backsplash, you can get the process done by getting in touch with glass making experts who will create some unique and beautiful pieces which can be installed as kitchen backsplashes. However, with such backsplashes, cleaning can turn out to be a nightmare!

Few tips which you should remember

Here we are discussing few tips which you should keep in mind during the backsplash installation process:

  • Make intelligent use of various shapes, color and sizes during the installation to come up with your dream kitchen.
  • Don’t treat the generic aspects like thinset, grout and adhesive flippantly as they can turn out to be party-poopers if ignored initially.
  • You must allow at least 22-24 hours for the tiles to set firmly.
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