Slippery bathroom floor tiles

Posted on August 28, 2010

If you’ve ever walked on a slippery floor and fell down, there’s a good chance that you know what I’m talking about. Slippery bathroom floor tiles create safety problems in your bathroom.

The main problem with slippery bathroom floor tiles is that you really don’t know how slippery they are going to be, until you have already installed them.

I have even seen floor tiles that are smooth and shiny, but don’t seem difficult to walk on while they’re dry. The problem starts at the moment then they become damp . It’s hard enough sometimes to walk on some ceramic tile flooring, but the minute that you enter these areas with wet shoes or feet, you could find yourself on the floor in a hurry.

It’s not a bad idea to get a little more information on certain types of flooring surfaces, before you install them in your bathroom. Remember that your bathroom floor can become wet and slippery, especially if you’re going to be using a bath tub or shower on a regular basis.

Getting out of a bathtub or shower with wet feet and stepping onto a smooth ceramic tile, could be hazardous to your health.

By materials of Greg Vandenberge

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