Tile designs

Posted on June 17, 2009

One of the most enjoyable aspects of building or remodeling a home is the chance to custom design every last part of the home. Many people see this as a chore, but anyone with a creative mind views it as an opportunity to inject personality into a space, transforming a house into a home. One of the ways to get really creative is when it comes to purchasing tiles for either your kitchen or bathroom.

The reason that tile offers such an opportunity to get creative is because of the variety on the marketplace. There are so many different tile designs on the market that it can be overwhelming at first. However, this can be seen as a positive thing rather than negative, as it allows you the opportunity to get as creative as possible. When dealing with tile designs for kitchen floors, it is best to stay minimalist, as the large layout of the tiles will create too dramatic of an effect if they are wildly unorthodox. Choose a nice, stark white tile that will be easy to clean up. Bathroom flooring is the same way, as you don’t want to attract too much attention to the floor. When choosing between tile designs, look for large tiles, rather than small, as they are more comfortable when walking on bare feet.

The avenue that allows you extra creativity is tile designs for kitchen walls, such as above the stove and sink. Feel free to get as creative as possible with these, as the wackier the better! Some people choose to go with mosaics, while others just go with different color larger tiles. The tile designs that you have to choose from for the kitchen wall should be vast, and you should have no trouble finding a nice variety of choices.

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