Posted on August 27, 2010

Tile manufacturer TAUThe province of Castellón is well-known for the quality of its clays and the ceramic tradition among its inhabitants. Historically, in this area the terracotta culture and the glaze pottery crafts have coexisted. In 1967, with all these traditional handicrafts as best teacher, Taulell S.A. started its activity in the outskirts of Castellón de la Plana, the capital city of the area.

Taulell was constituted as an Association of Companies during the 60s, an important decade for being halfway point of the last century and the time when our civilization acquired the techniques to achieve targets as impossible as the conquest of space.

The founding members were entrepreneurs from five companies with strong ties in the world of ceramics and a professional management team. The objective was to obtain ceramic biscuit necessary for the twice-fired production process, what used to be a prevailing method to produce glazed tiles. The company was born to be innovative and it used the first tunnel kilns to substitute the traditional Arab kiln.

The industrial development favoured high production figures of ceramic biscuit and it became Europe’s top producer.

In the 80s technological changes took place in ceramics worldwide; single-firing came up. Taulell’s shareholding turned into a limited liability Company run still nowadays by three important families with significant careers on the ceramics trade.

The company started to manufacture the final product, although biscuit ceramic national and international demands have been never left unattended.

In 1984 a new plant was built to produce single-fired stoneware flooring and first big brand for glazed ceramic products arose with the name TAUGRES.

Ceramic coating was our next industrial challenge and our company opted for being in the vanguard with the single porous firing method. The factory started in 1988 and from that moment on TAU offered a complete supply of ceramic products, flooring and coating.

The growing process continued and our Porcelain Tiles arrived in 1994. The Company made a big investment and created the most technologically advanced plant in Spain. The decision was clear; TAU production had to incorporate a material that was bound to become a landmark in the history of ceramics.

TAU entered the 21st century with a powerful brand, a great workforce, cutting-edge facilities, global commercial networks and a highly innovative product.

Official website: www.tauceramica.com

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