Posted on August 28, 2010

Nestled in the hills of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, is a company with a uniquely American character that honors the time-proven tradition of fine Italian porcelain ceramics.

The character of this company, extends to its operations, as well. STONEPEAK CERAMICS know that how they do business is just as important as what they make, and no-hassle approach to helping customers find quality tile. In fact, every product that STONEPEAK CERAMICS create, every service they provide, and even the centralized location of facility is designed around one thing: you.

For STONEPEAK CERAMICS, it’s all about achieving the perfect balance: a harmony between a hard-working team devoted to satisfying customers, and a company committed to making quality tile.
Not so long ago, company envisioned just such a company – one that would bring together the finest products and style at a place that’s all about people: the clients we serve, members of our team, and the families who live in our community. Out of that vision emerged a new way of doing business – a refreshing change in the ceramics industry.

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