Shower Walls Panels

Posted on February 22, 2011

If you are a person who loves to do it yourself, another project that you may enjoy are the do-it-yourself shower walls panels . These are easier to put up than the more common ceramic tiles. The shower walls panels are simply UPVC sheets that you can attach to your shower or bathroom walls.

You have a wide range of choices on what color or style your would like your shower walls panels to be. Some are mosaic, marble, different shades of wood, different colors and even the plain neutral colors. The shower walls panels can match the ceiling panels that are waterproof for an additional completed look in the bathroom.

There are different sizes to pick of the UPVC sheets for the shower walls panels. They can range from 100mm x 2.6m up to and including 333mm x 2.7m. Some of the panels are extra long mainly if you want to also panel your ceiling.

These shower walls panels have a lot of advantages that the more common ceramic tiles don’t have. They are easy to work with and installation is fast. The surface can be cleaned by simply wiping over it. These panels will last a lot longer than ceramic tile and will still look great even after many years have gone by. No grout can form that usually results in mold. Without the formation of mold, these panels are much more sanitary and will prevent health problems that mold can cause. The sheets work perfectly even if the shower walls are uneven. Batons can be used on the panels and wall to keep an even appearance. These shower panels are very durable and it would take a lot to damage them.

If your shower is a high pressure power style, you will want to seal the panels with just a little bit of silicone sealant along the joint. This will insure that the shower panels will stay in place. Otherwise, the installation simply involves slotting the panels together using a tongue and groove system. They can also be stapled if the walls are suitable for this type of installation.

If you don’t want to do the work yourself, you can still hire someone to do it and it won’t be expensive. This is because the job is so quick and so easy.

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