Tile design in a bathroom

Posted on March 28, 2009

Tile in the bathroom defines the tone of the whole room. The choice of tile can influence the design character of the whole bathroom. A bathroom can not be considered beautiful if there is no tile on the floor which goes well with the other details and elements of the room. Dynamic design on the floor or a contrast color of walls can define the tone of the bathroom.

Ordinary white square tiles are already out of date for a long time. Nowadays you can see hundreds of different styles, types, colors and sizes of tile. And the material is not limited only to a classic ceramics. Granite, marble, sandstone is just some from the possible variants.

Do not worry about the tile dimensions for your bathroom – nowadays tiles of different sizes are available. If to put them together, then it’s possible to make a unique, pleasing to the eye design. You can design tile in such a way either for the floor or for the walls. Maybe you consider not attractive to coat the floor and walls with the same type of tile. In this case try to make a contrast, make a smooth transition from a darker to a lighter tile, divide a border between them with a decorative frieze. And do not limit yourself; realize the most unimaginable at first sight ideas.

Depending on the idea you should choose the tile which best suits the design. The starting point for a decorative design of a bathroom is the range of forms, sizes, structures, models and materials, in which these tiles are available. A creative approach to the choice of tile will help you to find a bathroom of your dream.

Ceramics is a more preferable material for a floor tile, because it has a long life time, is moisture- and slip-resistant, which is very important when tile becomes wet. Also it’s very easy to clean such tile, dirt and spots are very quickly and without any efforts are washed away from ceramics. Of course, it doesn’t mean that these materials are bad. You can choose any available material; just consult a seller which life time the tile has and how to look after it.

Some variants of tile usage in the bathroom are given below. We hope that our list will help you to choose what you want.

Single-color tiles

Single-color tiles for floor of pastel shades will create the feeling of warmth in your bathroom. For decoration you may use friezes of another shade, what will make a contrast. Visual influence will be very interesting and original.

Tiles of different size

Try to use tiles of different color and size for floor and walls or lay them diagonally in order to create the unique design.

Use your favorite color

If your favorite color is dark blue, then add a pair of decorative dark blue tiles and single out them using visually different shapes and structures.

Modern elements

Use bold and bright colors and graphical drawings. Add modern and glossy details and take pleasure from the stylish look of your bathroom.

Add the feeling of love and a sense of romanticism

Add a slight romanticism by means of tile with floral design in pastel or soft shades, such as pink, light blue, light green or lay down a wood floor, what will give a bathroom a romantic view.

Mediterranean style

Use tile of brick red color with Spanish drawings, and you will get a bathroom in the Mediterranean style.

The important thing during the bathroom projecting is a tile color, as colors set a definite tone, create the feeling of warmth and coolness. If you like bright, light colors, then a peach and yellow color will suit you best. These warm colors will make your bathroom comfortable for you and your relatives. Using neutral colors such as beige, white and similar, you can make a visual volume. Blue, green and violet colors are serene and cool when red, orange, purple colors add a slight excitability and also absorb light; thereby make the room look smaller.

Spend your time merrily doing shopping for your bathroom. You can also look through the variants of tile in the Internet. Do not forget to use your imagination while choosing tile, modern tendencies suit not to everyone’s tastes, although they can inspire you to something extremely original!

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