5 techniques to use blue color in bathroom tile design

Posted on January 9, 2011

The bathroom is the place where humans spend some considerable time of their life. And yet, the interior should correspond to the perception of the place to create the right atmosphere. All hues of blue are reasonable to use for bathroom decoration since it is the color of the Water Kingdom. When you opt for the blue and its shades, make sure you do it adequately to avoid being trivial. The following approaches used by professional interior designers will be good tools for you when you come to decorate your bathroom to create effective and unique interior.

Every approach is simple enough to be adequately perceived by beginners and the 24 images of bathroom tile design in blue will be clear to evaluate all the advantages.

First of all, we come to the color. The ideas of incredible matching of the shades and various methods to play with the contrast and brightness will matter to make right solution.

Second of all, exceptional tiles of various shapes will be appreciated. Smaller tiles (see images throughout the entire collection) and especially mosaic tiles (blue color tiles of any tints are mostly done for swimming-pools and thus, they are available at lower prices with all tile manufacturers than any other colors). The cool palette of colors is rather quiet and tiles of larger and smaller sizes can be matched in a unique way not breaking the entire picture.

Third, you are welcome to various styles to grab attention, from classic to glamour, country to romanticism. Every style adds special peculiarities for the tile design which look effective when employed for bathroom interior.

There are different colors for bathroom design to consider, though. Available are the ideas of how to match and blend in style and color.

Technique №1: look for the best match

sky blue\dark blue + white:

sky blue\dark blue + brown\beige:

sky blue\dark blue + other tints:

Our gallery offers more attractive techniques how to match light blue and dark blue colors to create effective impression.

Technique №2: refer to various extent of color saturation

juicy blue color for bathroom interior:

subdued tints of light blue/dark-blue for bathroom interior:

Technique №3: refer to mosaic:

Technique №4: derive inspiration from some particular style:

Technique №5: opt for pieces of furniture and/or sanitary ware of blue color:

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